Boomers Leading Change in Health

We provide the training and tools for Adults 50+ to make a difference across the community through meaningful volunteer work.



How and where we started.

In 2006—as the eldest Baby Boomers began to turn 60—The Atlantic Philanthropies initiated a national effort to assess just how Boomers planned to approach the next chapter of their lives—RETIREMENT. They established the Community Experience Partnership and began working with 32 community foundations located across the United States—foundations that were charged with the task of exploring this issue within their local communities. Here in Denver, that foundation was Rose Community Foundation.


In 2007, Rose Community Foundation launched Boomers Leading Change. The initiative had two goals:

  1. To identify the priorities of Adults 55+ in Metro Denver as those adults began thinking about the future.
  2. To better understand the potential for the increased civic engagement of Adults 55+ as they approached retirement.


Would they continue to pursue their careers? Would they choose to volunteer? Would they seek to further their educations—either formally or informally?

After conducting extensive research—including numerous surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews—the answer to these questions was, "ALL OF THE ABOVE."

  • More than half of the people surveyed stated they planned to continue working—at least part-time.
  • Nearly 75% revealed they planned to volunteer.
  • Close to two-thirds said they planned to keep learning.


Throughout this research, the adults surveyed revealed there was one overriding issue that would influence the choices they might make regarding their pursuit of each of these possibilities. That issue was HEALTHCARE.

Once the local assessments were complete, The Community Experience Partnership created the Community Solutions Program, a consortium of nine of community foundations that were challenged to select a significant social issue which could be addressed at the local level by mobilizing Adults 50+ as a key community resource. And so, after much analysis, discussion, and consideration, Boomers Leading Change in Health was born.

How you can get involved.



Boomers Leading Change in Health offers you three ways to volunteer:

  1. Become a Healthcare Navigator—Help individuals and families navigate their way through the maze of healthcare systems, benefits,providers, and other related issues.
  2. Be a Community Health Worker—Work within the community to promote better health and connect individuals and families to the resources they need to lead healthier lives.
  3. Be an Advocate—Speak out and educate others about healthcare-related legislation or a health-related issues that’s important to you.


The training you’ll receive as a Boomers Leading Change in Health volunteer will not only help you help others across our community, it will make a meaningful difference in YOUR life, too.

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To find out more about our Volunteer Opportunities, click here.

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