The True Meaning of Citizenship

The True Meaning of Citizenship

What an interesting time it is to be an American! With what seems to be a record number and diverse array of candidates running for president, several recent, history-making (and controversial) Supreme Court decisions, and a brand new relationship with Cuba, it seems particularly fitting that colorful fireworks are the hallmark–and highlight–of our country’s annual […]

It’s Time to Jump Off our Hamst...

It’s Time to Jump Off our Hamster Wheels

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”  Who hasn’t heard or said that countless times—in good times and bad? Here at Boomers Leading Change in Health, we’ve got so much going on it seems time is flying at warp-speed—so much so I must confess that I’m having a trouble keeping pace—and quite frankly, it isn’t much […]

Want to Change YOUR World???

These are tumultuous times. Times when battles fought and won long ago once again find themselves at the forefront of public debate. When the line between fact and fiction is becoming more and more difficult to discern. And when discourse is frequently stifled by discord. I, for one, am feeling very frustrated by it all. […]

Caring for our Caregivers

This is a guest post written by Aditi Ramaswami, Public Policy Coordinator, Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved. Every few years, I try to pay a visit to India, the birthplace of my parents. It strengthens my connection to my cultural roots and allows me to spend invaluable time with relatives. It’s usually a lighthearted […]

Turkey Day. A time for Thanks. And ...

With Turkey Day rapidly approaching, I thought this might be an appropriate time to focus on two topics: Thanks and Giving. To me, they are inextricably intertwined, much like turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and football and, well, more football. Throughout my adult life, I have had experiences that have taught me important […]

It’s the “Autumn of our L...

It’s autumn–my favorite time of year. Growing up in South Texas, we had two seasons: Hot & Humid, and Hotter & More Humid. Until I moved to Colorado seven years ago, I never had the opportunity to witness the quarterly transition from season to season to season. Because my husband is from Maryland, I did […]

Age. It’s not just a numbers ga...

What is it about age that seems to make people so self-conscious or uncomfortable? The other day I was at a local cancer treatment center for some genetics counseling, and the nurse who took me back from the waiting area asked me–in rather hushed tones–to confirm my date of birth for him. I confirmed the […]

Life is not black-and-white.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to enjoy a greater appreciation for the shades of gray of life. Not the ones on the top of my head (of which there are MANY). And not the ones referred to in “the book” (which I have not read–really). But the nuances related to the issues and challenges–both […]

Fulfilling the Promise . . .

When I was a little girl, I would spend a week or so each summer with my grandparents who lived just outside the small town of Three Rivers, Texas (about 90 miles south of San Antonio). They lived on a farm where they raised both cattle and crops, and those hot summer days were spent swimming, […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have my hearing checked. I used to think I could hear just fine–after all, the last hearing test I had (when was that again?) indicated I had perfect hearing–so I was confident the problem was that my husband mumbled. But for a while now, I’ve noticed I seem to […]